This may look like a sweet little farmhouse, but people say its rooms and the land surrounding it are crawling with other-worldly spirits...

Google Street View
Google Street View

The Most Haunted Residence in Illinois

Willow Creek Farm is located in Shannon, IL, about 45 miles Southwest of Galena, and many people consider it one of one the most haunted residences in the entire United States. It is a privately owned, working farm that paranormal lovers flock to for investigations. says;

Most mediums claim that there are 7-9 resident spirits in the house with up to 30 passing through at any given time. But there are also spirits in the machine shed and on the land where the barn used to stand with Native American spirits seen and heard in the fields and pasture.

Umm...pretty freaky, right?

Check out these pictures I found on Haunted Willow Creek Farm's Facebook;

Are you starting to believe the farm's haunted reputation is legit? Yeah, me too.

Haunted Illinois says some of the experiences paranormal investigators are visitors have reported throughout the years include hearing:

  • Loud bangs
  • Mysterious footsteps
  • Knocking
  • Native American chanting and drumming
  • Children crying
  • Disembodied voices

People have also reported being touched, hugged, shoved, even choked and punched by Willow Creek Farm's spirits. Yikes!

Is Willow Creek Farm Open to the Public?

As I write this, Willow Creek Farm has the hours listed as "permanently closed" on its Facebook. That could be due to it being someone's private home, but it could also be because the spirits have gone silent?

I guess we will all just have to keep a close eye on the Haunted Willow Creek Farm Facebook to find out if and when the infamous spirits return.

I did find this YouTube video about Willow Creek Farm from 2014 to appease you until then...

Ummm, can anyone explain why these toys are tethered to an abandoned motel south of Rockford???

Gallery Credit: Danny Willams via Facebook

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