Y'all know I LOVE antiques, collectibles, and everything vintage. I call it "treasure hunting" but I know a lot of folks call it "picking."  Give me a junk store or estate sale with bins of old trinkets and I am in hog heaven!

American Pickers Television Show

One of my favorite shows is American Pickers on The History Channel. I'm sure you have heard of Mike, Frank (who left the show in 2020), and Danielle who visit locations across the country searching for unique old memorabilia in barns, garages, etc. For me, the best episodes are when they uncover something amazing hidden behind stacked boxes or dusty curtains that the owner didn't even know was there.

The American Pickers Came to Windy Hollow Restaurant in 2016

Remember when they came to Daviess County to film the show at Windy Hollow? The legendary Hal Miller amassed an incredible collection of WW2 memorabilia, movie posters, and more over the years. Including some WBKR Country Music Jamboree signs! So cool!

History Channel via Youtube
History Channel via Youtube


Hal's daughter Rooster and granddaughter Hallie welcomed The Pickers to enjoy a delicious breakfast and "pick" the barn full of treasures. Our very own Dave Spencer got to chat with Rooster about the experience.

American Pickers to Film in Kentucky in 2024

The pickers recently announced they will return to Kentucky in March of this year and they are looking for good places to visit for filming the show. My friends in Grayson County shared this post on Facebook yesterday.

If you or someone you know has lots of "junk" that may include some rusty relics, you can reach out to the American Pickers Team in the following ways: email at Americanpickers@cineflix.com, call and leave a voicemail at 646-493-2184. Be sure to include:

  • your name
  • town and state
  • phone number
  • where your collection is located
  • a description of your items.

Good luck! If you're chosen, be sure to let us know! We would love to document the experience and chat with you about your treasures.

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