"Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail," unless, of course, he can catch a train, in which case, he'll rest those weary paws.

You have to hand it to French Lick. Here's this small town in southern Indiana with a population of just over 1,700, and yet they attract visitors from far and wide just like any big city would. Frankly, French Lick has more to OFFER than multiple big cities I've visited. (Little Rock AR, I'm looking at you, off the top of my head.)

Those magnificent hotels. The Wilstem Wildlife Park (technically, it's in Paoli, but it's also within spitting distance of French Lick). And, of course, a world-famous native son in NBA icon Larry Byrd.

The Easter Bunny Express in French Lick IN

And then there's the magnificent French Lick Scenic Railway which carries passengers on a 25-mile journey to Jasper and back again. It's one of southern Indiana's most popular attractions, even more so during the holiday season. Well, Santa Claus has HAD his turn. Now it's time for the Easter Bunny. An enormous Easter egg hunt? Loaded Easter baskets? It sounds to me like the Easter Bunny Express is about to leave the depot.

It'll be a ride you and your family will never forget and it happens this weekend and next Saturday, March 30th.

And keep in mind, French Lick Scenic Railway has themed excursions throughout the year--the Wild West Express, the Dinosaur Adventure Train, and the Summer Splash Bash, to name a few. Plus, there are multiple 21+ events, as well, like wine, beer, bourbon, tequila, and chocolate tasting excursions.

But Easter is on deck and promises to deliver the goods this weekend and next. "Hop" on board.

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