In case you're wondering what exactly is going on in that photo above, here's the original.

Alex Pierce/WBKR
Alex Pierce/WBKR

We just took some creative liberties with it for our brand new contest we're calling HOLIDAY 'SWIRLED'!  We've taken ten classic Holiday World & Splashin' Safari rides and attractions and turned them into "swirly whirly topsy turvy" (and ridiculously fun and challenging) photos.

Now, where do you come in? If you can successfully identify all of the photos, you could win a pair tickets to the park!  Here at WBKR, we're giving away a pair of tickets each weekday from July 10th through July 21st, 2023.  All you have to do to get qualified is take a look at each photo below and tell us which ride/attraction is featured in each.

If you score a 100%, you'll be eligible to win a pair of tickets to the park, which is home to world-class roller coasters (including Thunderbird and The Voyage), epic water coasters (like Wildebeest and Mammoth) and Holidays in the Sky, Holiday World's drone show featuring 400 drones! That's an increase of 100 drones from last year.

So, if you're ready to get Holiday 'Swirled', take a look and these photos!  You'll enter your answers below.



What do you think? You think you know which rides we 'swirled' up for you? If so, enter your answers here!

Chad & Mary-Katherine will announce a new winner each weekday morning at 7:50am CST on The Country Station, 92.5 WBKR!