OK, so I know Kentucky is most famous for Colonel Sanders' famous recipe, but I have come across a restaurant in Chicago that I think we REALLY need in the Bluegrass State. Not just fried chicken, but HONEY BUTTER fried chicken.

Who wouldn't love some of that crispy juicy chicken with melted butter on top? Their sides look amazing too. We're talking Pimento Mac & Cheese, Poppyseed Slaw with spiced Pumpkin Seeds, Smashed Potatoes with Rosemary gravy, and can't forget the cornbread! I love a restaurant that uses local ingredients grown or made by other small businesses.  The food just tastes better when it's made with love at all steps of the process. We have that kind of collaboration with other awesome eateries here in tri-state, so they would fit right in.

And just look at these chicken sandwiches! Remember the fast-food chicken sandwich battle a couple of years ago where everyone was trying to have the best one? Yeah, this one puts them all to shame.

A beautiful and delicious drink menu provides the most refreshing treat to accompany the flavorful food. Another fun aspect of Honey Butter Fried Chicken is their lovely patio where they host live music and other pop-up restaurants to feature food their staff creates on their own. They are super supportive of their people by paying them well, offering health insurance, paid time off, and helping them achieve their own culinary dreams.

So, the next time you are in Chicago, stop by and beg them to open a location closer to us, please!  We need this mouth-watering menu within driving distance.

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