Have you ever done the spider dance? You know, the frantic and sudden physical activity you perform the second you walk into a spider's web? Of course you have. We all have.

I can never understand why some insist on spinning one across our back door; it's the main door we use. Wake up, Charlotte, you're getting nowhere fast.

Kentucky Spiders -- the Good Kind

And yes, I've named large spiders "Charlotte" any number of times. What else is there? One such species is common in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It's the orb weaver, and while it may look scary and intimidating, let those feelings subside because these little guys are your friend. A few years ago, I took a break while riding my bike and, just like Little Miss Muffett, this dude sat right down beside me.

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media; Canva
Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media; Canva

If you're an arachnophobe, I'm sure you would've been long gone, but its colors and designs fascinated me. I used to have that Google insect search on my phone and learned that it was an orb weaver. THEN I learned that they don't all look like that. And here's something cool...the stereotypical spider web shape we're used to seeing? THAT is the web of the orb weaver.

Have No Fear, the Orb Weaver Is Here

And THOSE are the ones that usually generate the spider dance. But if you WERE to walk into one, not to worry, says one online pest control expert:

Orb weavers do not pose a danger to people, pets, or property. In fact, orb weaver spiders can prove beneficial to your home.  Orb weavers rarely bite, and if they do, the victim is usually asking for it. Orb weaver bites only occur once the spider feels truly trapped and threatened with no avenue for escape.

So yeah, don't mess with them and they won't mess with you. In fact, they'd rather get away from YOU and conduct their business, which is killing and eat the real pests like mosquitos and beetles. They've even been known to devour small frogs if they get caught up in the web.

Bottom line...unless you really are terrified of spiders, you can actually enjoy watching these guys work. It's fascinating to watch them spin webs, and if you ever see one of those typical webs that all the Halloween decorations are based on, you'll know it's an orb weaver.

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