Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The largest known cave system in the world offers many ways to explore the area and learn about the history of ancient ecosystems that once thrived there.

Tour Mammoth Cave

Depending on what you want to see or do, you can kayak and canoe, go fishing or horseback riding, and you can book various tours at Mammoth Cave. Over multiple visits, or there are nice little cabins you can stay for a weekend of underground investigation.

Tours range from short and easy introductions to the cave let by a guide, to long and in-depth, and even self-guided. Some of them are even wheelchair accessible which is great! There is one tour however that is the most extreme and adventurous and its making a comeback. After stopping during COVID, rangers are gearing back up for crawling tours.

Mammoth Cave Wild Cave Tour

An all-day affair, the Wild Cave tour is spent underground navigating tedious crawl spaces wiggling on all-fours and climbing rock formations. This tour is for those who are experienced when it comes to physical activity. Prepare for six hours of exploring places a lot of Mammoth Cave visitors never see. The hidden off-trail natural obstacle course is only for explorers 16 and up and requires special clothing and gear be worn.

You can find more information about the tour here such as dress code and what the tour entails. Because some of the passes are really tight squeezes, there are also some size limitations. If your hips are larger than 42 inches, you could find yourself in a pickle! Reservations are required for all tours and tickets for this particular Wild Cave experience range from $39.50 for pass holders to $79.

Would you tackle this adventurous tour? I think it sounds a little scary, but a total bucket list experience for sure!

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