If there is a database devoted to tracking the appearances of Owensboro residents on game shows, I am unaware of it. That's actually not a bad idea, but it also seems like a difficult challenge.

Owensboro Residents on Game Shows

The best we can do is roll the dice with Google and see what we come up with. I did that and had some success. For example, last December, former Owensboro resident/ current California resident Andrew Murphy was a contestant on the NBC game show The Wheel on which contestants try to win a lot of money with the help of celebrity guests and their "expertise" on certain subjects. Here's Andrew interacting with Raven-Symoné:

In 2020, Owensboro native tried his luck at Press Your Luck. Unfortunately he got the Whammy.

And back in 2009, our good friend Teresa Cook won $74,000 on Deal or No Deal. In fact it's almost been EXACTLY 14 years ago since here appearance.

Even my own great-aunt, Flossie Rigsby had a turn way back in the late 1950s on the old game show Truth or Consequences with Bob Barker.

Kentucky Wesleyan College Student Shouts Out Owensboro on 'The Price Is Right'

Fast forward to TODAY, March 15th, 2023, and who do we find in Contestants Row on The Price Is Right? Why none other than a student from Kentucky Wesleyan College named Mason. I do no know his last name, but I do know he made it all the way to the end before underbidding on a showcase that featured an SUV.

How Do You Become a Contestant on 'The Price Is Right'?

Becoming a contestant on The Price Is Right isn't as involved a process as, say, Jeopardy! and does even require a ticket. Here's what the show's FAQ page says about registering to be one of the chosen nine:

Ticketed and non-ticketed guests are allowed to register for a chance to be a randomly selected contestant. Guests must check in at the venue registration area to confirm registration is complete. No ticket purchase is required to register to be a contestant and will not be considered a factor in determining eligibility. Registration will close precisely at showtime. All guests who have arrived prior to showtime will be allowed to register. Registration begins at the venue 3 hours prior to show time. Guests may be required to show valid government issued photo identification at registration and must be the legal age of majority to register.

It looks to me as if it works like a point of interest when you're in Los Angeles. "Hey, I know, let's go try to get on 'The Price Is Right.' What's the worst they can do? Not select us?"

I do know from watching past episodes that some stay in line waiting for hours and hours for the chance to be in Contestants Row, and who can blame them?

I'm not sure how long Mason was in line, but we congratulate him for not only getting on the show, but also for sticking around to the end.

I just wish he'd won that SUV.

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