Today we're celebrating National Pizza Day in a big way. Everybody has a go-to favorite pizza place. Pizza is an all-time favorite food after all, but the question is. Who serves up the best slice? We'll reveal the top ten pizza places on Monday (2/12/2024) based on your votes. In 2021 Louies Tavern in Fulda, Indiana came out on top. In 2022 it was Brothers Grub in Rockport, Indiana. Opie's in Chrisney, Indiana won in 2023 in a landslide. Who will come out on top this year? The voting will end at midnight on 2/11/24 and the Top 10 will be revealed at Noon!

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Could you eat pizza every single day like me? Seriously, the best food item that has ever been created. I'm a bit on the fussy side, so my pizza usually has a variety of meats and cheese. Occasionally, I may add some mushrooms if I'm in the mood, but my pizza is pretty basic. What are your favorite toppings? As basic as mine is, there are pizza restaurants that do serve it better than others. I have my favorite pizza joints, how about you?



No matter how you slice it, there are many great places to eat pizza in town. Crust me, there are many great options! If I've left anyone off, it was unintentional. It took many hours to research all of the pizza locations. If I left anyone off, just let me know, and I'll add them to the poll.

Before you vote, these were the results from our 2023 pizza poll. Do you still agree, or disagree? Vote below and give your favorite pizza place some love!

2023 Top Ten Pizza Restaurants Based on Your Votes

Are you looking for the BEST pizza in the tri-state? After over 9,000 votes were tabulated, you said these are the best local pizza restaurants to grab a slice. Do agree? *NOTE: Menu items and prices are subject to change.

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We have a Burger and Mac & Cheese Week, now we need pizza to have a week of its own! Based on your pizza passion, I think you agree with me.

Who remembers the cafeteria pizza at school? It was so good!

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