Are you a lover of ALL kinds of animals? Have you ever wanted to learn more about adopting a reptile or exotic pet?

The Owensboro, Kentucky Reptile and Exotics Show

Sunday, June 9th, from 10am-4pm grab your friends and family for something new to do in Owensboro. A family-friendly show featuring animals of scaley, feathered, and exotic nature will be hosted at the National Guard Armory.

Whether or not you plan to adopt an animal, you can still see and learn about them. Fun for kids and animal lovers of all ages. If you already have an exotic pet like a bearded dragon, snake, turtle, bird, or what have you, you can find lots of feeders and pet supplies at the expo. Anything from brand-new enclosures to crickets and mealworms galore.

This event is hosted by Mayo's Morphs, a pet service and retail store in Henderson, KY that also breeds beautiful ball pythons. They put on shows all over Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky just like the one coming to Owensboro. Here is a video they shared from a previous expo.

Did you notice that adorable kangaroo in his little vest? Or the crested gecko and his spikey eyebrows?

This event will be held at the Owensboro National Guard Armory at 3300 Tamarack Rd. Tickets can be purchased at the door and are $5 per person.  Kids 4 and under can tag along for free. For the safety of the animals being exhibited, only service dogs are allowed inside the show.

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