On Monday, April 8th, I never once saw anyone driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse. I had planned to chew Eclipse Gum during the event but left it at home on the table. I did, however, play "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler; one out of three ain't bad.

But even if ALL of that had come to pass, I still wouldn't have held a candle to a certain Hoosier motorist who went all out for Total Solar Eclipse Day. I doubt anyone was cruising the Indiana roadways with a more appropriate vehicle than this:

Now THAT'S the ride you take for a spin when there's a total solar eclipse. But Monday, April 8th wasn't its only day to shine. A glance at the comment section will tell that tale; this "driving saucer" makes the rounds. And the following post proves this thing has stamina. Here it was cruising Indianapolis eight years ago:

So, what possesses someone to create a street-legal UFO or spaceship car? Well, in the case of Steve Anderson, it was simple inspiration. It was a toy that gave birth to the idea of converting a 1991 Geo Metro into a working space mobile. And that inspiration was hardly random. Anderson--who passed away in 2020--was quite the collector. A toy that inspired a spaceship, as you will see, can't be surprising with this guy:

Like that toy, the former proprietor of A-OK Hardware in Indianapolis--who must have bequeathed his creation to a loved one, or else we wouldn't have seen it today--is ALSO an inspiration. Amongst all the unique items in his collection, he looked at a toy spaceship and thought, "You know what? I can make one of these things to drive."

He realized he could do something and then just did it. Inspiration caught, as far as I'm concerned.

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