Today is National Scavenger Hunt Day and we've got some exciting news about the return of one of our most popular events here at WBKR. The WBKR Road War is coming back to town!

It's been a few years since we hosted a Road War and past participants have been asking for us to bring it back and we're going to do it- in its original, clue-solving form.


Step 1: Round up some friends that are good at solving clues and riddles.

Step 2: Decide who's going to drive your vehicle and which team members are going to be the problem solvers.

Step 3: Arrive at the official starting location of the WBKR Road War. All teams start from the exact same location. There, we will zero out your trip counter, give you your first set of clues and send you out on a Halloween-themed, "haunted" adventure.

Eugene Triguba/Unsplash
Eugene Triguba/Unsplash

Step 4: Attempt to solve the clues and drive our route exactly as we planned.

Step 5: Do your very best not to make a wrong turn. The winners of the WBKR Road War will be the team that drives the course closest to the actual mileage of the course as it was designed. And, pro tip, we measure down to the tenth of a mile.

Step 6: Save this date- SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28TH, 2023! That's when the WBKR Road War officially returns.

To remind you how fun the Road War is and how "seriously" we take it (literally, we're obsessed), here are some vintage promotional videos from previous WBKR Road Wars.

Here's the teaser video we dropped back in 2011. LOL!

And, here's an instructional video we dropped in 2012 that intentionally gives you an idea of how the clues are constructed and what you and your team of Road Warriors can expect.

Mark it down. Save the date! And start thinking about who's going to be on your team for the 2023 WBKR Road War. The winning team is going to pocket $1000!

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