There are several popular golf destinations around the country - you can find many of them along the east and west coasts and down south. When you add up the travel, food, and greens fees, a trip to those kinds of courses can end up costing big bucks, but there is a much more affordable option here in the Hoosier state.


Indiana may not be known as a golf mecca, but it should be known that Indiana is home to some of the best public golf courses in America. That's not just my opinion either, that's straight from's list of the Top 50 U.S. Public Golf Courses for 2024. Scroll through the list and you will find the following Indiana course right near the top...

The 4th best-ranked public golf course in America is SULTAN'S RUN GOLF CLUB, located in Jasper, Indiana. The cost to play one of the best courses in the country is only $80. I'm sure the cost has something to do with being so highly rated, but here's what one reviewer had to say...

I have always loved this course. The staff is so friendly, the course is in great shape and is really scenic. No residential areas to mar the scenery. Holes 15-17 are really nice and the par 3's have real character. Don't miss this diamond in Southern Indiana.

Three other Indiana courses made the Top 50 list...

  • #14 - Sandy Pines Golf Course in DeMotte, Indiana
  • #17 - Warren Golf Course in Notre Dame, Indiana
  • #41 - Swan Lake Resort in Plymouth, Indiana

More Great News for Jasper

Sultan's Run is not only the 4th best-rated course in America but it has also been ranked #1 on a list of the best public golf courses in Indiana. Another Jasper golf course, Buffalo Trace, was ranked #15 on that list as well.

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So grab your clubs and hit the road for some unforgettable golfing experiences in Indiana. With world-class public courses like Sultan's Run waiting to be conquered, at a fraction of the cost of other popular destinations, you're guaranteed a tee-riffic (sorry) time without breaking the bank.

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