Recently, the President of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, Matt Eckert, posted a link to a new website with just the thinking emoji. The website in question is Of course, we have all been trying to put these gravy clues together to find out about the new coaster that is currently under construction in the Thanksgiving section of the park.


Some of the dates inside the About section of seemed familiar to me. I did find a ladle of information when I re-read the park history section at

Good Gravy

  • Santa Claus Land opened in 1946
  • The Good Gravy Company opened in 1946
  • Van Snoodle Family aka Koch Family?

Clues are in the Pricing

I am all about some new merch. I have several Holiday World shirts, and my first stop in the park is always the souvenir shop. So, there is a Gravy Shop tab and I was ready to click buy now.

There are three different shirts and a timer for cooking. Sadly, all items are out of stock for now, but then I found hidden clues in the prices of the merch.

  • Good Gravy Co. Chicken Timer $8.01 
  • Officials with Holiday World are promising a big announcement on 8/01
  • T-shirts are priced at $24 
  • The new ride will open in 2024

Where to Buy Good Gravy Products

Good Gravy Co. products are totally legitimate and are not at all a joke used to tease a new ride. Find them at all major grocery stores. Probably.

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