November weather in the Tri-State is sometimes quite unpredictable. Some years it's warm enough for a picnic. Of course, there could also be snow the week of Thanksgiving.

What Is a Meteorologist?

According to the National Weather Service, Meteorology is the science concerned with the Earth's atmosphere and its physical processes. A meteorologist is a physical scientist who observes, studies, or forecasts the weather.


In general, our local meteorologists do a great job of forecasting weather several days in advance. But they don't usually focus on long-range forecasts for the entire season. In that case, a lot of people turn to the Farmer's Almanac for weather guidance, especially around the holiday season.

Do people truly believe in the Farmer's Almanac forecast?

This age-old question continues to spark curiosity and debate among weather enthusiasts and skeptics alike. The Farmer's Almanac, a traditional publication dating back centuries, has long been relied upon by farmers and gardeners for its weather predictions. Despite its historical significance and widespread use, modern meteorological advancements have prompted many to question the reliability and accuracy of its forecasts.

PHOTO: Farmers’ Almanac Editors Pete Geiger and Sandi Duncan
PHOTO: Farmers’ Almanac Editors Pete Geiger and Sandi Duncan

Farmer's Almanac 2023 Thanksgiving Day Forecast

The Farmer's Almanac groups Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin into the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and Midwest forecasting region. In the long-range forecast for the first part of Thanksgiving week which is November 20, 2023, through November 23, 2023, the area will see rain and snow. The positive side to that is that they are predicting a dry Thanksgiving (Hopefully not your turkey). It will be cold through November 27.

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