Most of us would agree that hard work has been a crucial quality throughout the history of America, and the numbers suggest that working hard is still very much an American thing today.

We put in more hours at our jobs than several other industrialized countries. The average U.S. worker puts in 1,791 hours per year – 184 hours more than the average in Japan, 294 more than the U.K., and 442 more than Germany. In recent years, many people have switched to working from home, which can end up extending work hours even further (

The personal finance website WalletHub put together a study to determine which cities in America work the hardest. Actually, the study only looks at the 116 largest cities, so it's very possible (and very probable) that some smaller cities around the country would be considered much more hard-working.

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Indiana's Hardest-Working City Is...

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According to the data, our capital city of INDIANAPOLIS is one of the hardest working cities in the county, landing at #37 on the list. That's a pretty good improvement for Naptown, moving up from #51 on last year's list. Kentucky and Illinois made the list too - keep scrolling to see those results.

The list was compiled by gathering and comparing data from the following 11 metrics, broken up into two main categories:


  • Average Workweek Hours
  • Employment Rate
  • Share of Households where No Adults Work
  • Share of Workers Leaving Vacation Time Unused
  • Share of Engaged Workers
  • Idle Youth


  • Average Commute Time
  • Share of Workers with Multiple Jobs
  • Annual Volunteer Hours per Resident
  • Share of Residents Who Participate in Local Groups or Organizations
  • Average Leisure Time Spent per Day

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The Rest of the Tri-State

If we look at our neighbors to the south, we see that Louisville was ranked #57 and Lexington was ranked #63. Chicago was the only city from Illinois on this list, and they ranked the lowest too, at #87.

Scroll over the map below to see results for all of the cities, and visit WalletHub to see all of the data and scoring used.

Source: WalletHub

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