Are you thinking about your retirement? Are you already planning for that? Does that plan involve relocating, and if so, do you have an idea of where you might want to go? When it comes to retirement, what are the factors that make some states better choices than others? Hopefully, this article and this study will answer some of those questions.

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The personal finance website WalletHub recently published the results of a study ranking all 50 states, from best to worst, for retirement. The states were compared in three main categories - Affordability, Quality of Life, and Health Care - and 47 subcategories.

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The Best and Worst States for Retiring in America

At the very top of the list - deemed the best state for retirees - is FLORIDA, which ranked 4th in affordability, 1st in quality of life, and 29th in health care.

At the very bottom of the list - deemed the worst state for retirees - is KENTUCKY, which ranked 32nd in affordability, 41st in quality of life, and 44th in health care.

Factors That Make Kentucky Less Desirable for Retirees

  • High state income tax, sales tax, and property taxes
  • High rates of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, can increase healthcare costs and reduce the quality of life for retirees.
  • Kentucky has a shortage of healthcare providers, particularly in rural areas.
  • Limited cultural and recreational opportunities can be a drawback for retirees who are looking for a diverse range of activities and entertainment options.
  • Kentucky has seen high levels of poverty and unemployment in recent years, which can impact retirees who may need to rely on a stable economy to support their retirement savings and income.

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Scroll over the map to see how the rest of the country ranked, and see all of the data here.

Source: WalletHub
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Keep in mind that this data doesn't necessarily reflect how livable Kentucky is, it's more of an indication of how comfortable and affordable a retirement lifestyle could be in the Bluegrass state.

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