Just for the record, this is NOT me complaining one single bit, I am simply relaying information. I'm talking to you, Mother Nature - you are beautiful and you're doing a great job. It also seems, though, that she might be a little bit confused, or maybe fickle is a better word - she just can't seem to make up her mind.

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In a previous article, I shared the Old Farmer's Almanac predictions for when to expect the first frost of 2023 in Southern Indiana and the Tri-State, and now it looks like most, if not all of those dates will come and go with no frost.

Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart, from Eyewitness News, shared the graphic below which illustrates where temperatures "should" be this time of year, and his thoughts on our first frost and/or freeze...

TUE (10/17) was the day that we normally hit 36 degrees in Evansville for the 1st time in autumn which normally equates to a frost. 39 is the coldest so far (10/10) & with no frost in sight next 7 days, it looks like our 1st frost/freeze will be behind schedule this year.
Wayne Hart via Facebook
Wayne Hart via Facebook

When's It Gonna Get Frosty?

The Old Farmer's Almanac originally predicted that Evansville's first frost would happen on November 4th...in Mt. Vernon, it would be October 21st...and in Newburgh, it would be October 30th.

I guess it's possible that Evansville's date can still happen, but I feel really, really safe in saying there will NOT be frost in Mt. Vernon on the 21st. And if the extended forecast is correct, it looks like there won't be frost in Newburgh on the 30th.

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