Days will continue to get longer and temperatures will continue to rise as we continue to get closer and closer to summer. If the winter we had (or lack thereof) and a warm and early spring are any indication, summer 2024 could be extra hot. But let's not assume anything, let's turn to a trusted source that has been predicting the weather for generations - the Old Farmer's Almanac.

When Is Summer and What to Expect in 2024

The summer solstice officially marks the beginning of summer and in 2024, that will happen on Thursday, June 20th. This year will be the earliest summer arrival in nearly 130 years! Now that we know when summer will be here, what kind of weather does the Farmer's Almanac foresee?

The Farmers’ Almanac Summer Weather Forecast 2024 calls for a warm, hot, and muggy summer for most of the nation. The muggy temperatures are predicted to bring a plethora of moisture and thunderstorms to most areas east of the Mississippi River. Thunderstorms will be plentiful in the Great Lakes and Midwest region of the country.


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That last sentence is the one to pay attention to – that’s us here in Indiana. That map below indicates that we can expect a “muggy and stormy” summer. That may not be the case for those of us in Southern Indiana, though. The border between Indiana and Kentucky starts to transition into a “steamy and thundery” forecast. Let’s be honest, though, is there a difference between the two?

The Farmer's Almanac was kind enough to share the forecast for a couple of important dates this summer - Father's Day (June 16th) and the Fourth of July. It looks like Indiana will experience "considerable cloudiness" on Father's Day, and conditions will be "fair and tranquil" when it comes time to celebrate Independence Day.

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I'm sure as summer gets closer, we will be able to get a more detailed forecast, but for now, this is what the almanac is predicting. If you're looking for more information, whether it's the weather, gardening, or just about anything else. the Farmer's Almanac has got it.

Magnificent Photos of Summer in the Tri-State

Sweet sweet summertime. From blooming flowers against a backdrop of green leaves to powerful thunderstorms making way for vibrant sunsets - it's so beautiful this time of year. We have some incredibly talented photographers around the tri-state. It's so cool to see how they see the world and capture life's little moments for eternity. Check out more amazing local photography at the Facebook Group: Evansville Photography.

Gallery Credit: ASHLEY SOLLARS


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