As summer approaches, it's very possible that you're on the lookout for the latest and greatest swimming pool accessories. As you know, sometimes, "just swimming" isn't enough, and we need other things to enhance our pool experience - like a slide, diving board, basketball goal, floats, fountains, etc. One thing I've never seen used as a pool accessory before is a rubber mat.

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Why Is There a Rubber Mat in Your Pool?

The answer is quite simple, and brilliant. The rubber mat is for guests to your pool. Still confused? How about if I said it was for unwanted or maybe unintended guests of your pool? I'll get even more specific and say that it's for your dog or other furry friends who might find their way into your pool.

Facebook/If Five Million People
Facebook/If Five Million People

The rubber mat serves a similar purpose in the pool as it does on dry land - it helps you get a grip. By attaching a mat like this, you give animals a way to get out of the pool if they fall in or are unable to climb out for some reason. We've all seen human beings struggle to get out of the pool, so just imagine how tough it can be for a pooch with no fingers or thumbs. A rubber mat could literally be the difference between life and death.

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Other Lifesaving Options

There is one more way to keep your family dog safe in the pool, and that is to get a dog that is small enough, and smart enough to find a more creative way to get out of the pool on its own. A dog like this little Terrier, which has been trained to climb through the pool filter and then walk along the edge back to the house.

@viralhog This clever terrier has quite the special path out of the pool! ‍♂️ #viralhog#pool#dogsoftiktok#clever#jackrussel#adorable ♬ original sound - ViralHog

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