People drink alcohol in virtually every city in America and have virtually no problems in doing so - but what we're talking about here really has nothing to do with casual drinkers. This particular study/report examines those who fall into the category of "excessive drinkers." The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines binge drinking as consuming five or more drinks on one occasion for men, and four or more drinks for women. So, which cities have the most binge drinkers?

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A special report was published on 24/7 Wall Street listing the drunkest cities in America, along with this explanation of how the list was determined...

To compile a list of the drunkest places in every state, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the percentage of men and women over 18 who reported heavy or binge drinking in each state’s metropolitan areas, then singled out the city or metropolitan area with the highest rate.

What's the Drunkest City in Indiana?

It may not come as a surprise that the drunkest city in Indiana is a college town - that narrows the field quite a bit. It's not South Bend or Lafayette, and it's not Indianapolis, Terre Haute, or Evansville - that dubious honor belongs to the town of Bloomington, Indiana. According to the study, 19.4% of Bloomington adults drink excessively. Does all this drinking equate to more deaths? You might think so, but that's not necessarily the case. In fact, the percentage of driving deaths involving alcohol is 12.3% which is quite a bit lower than the statewide average of 19%. See the rest of the drunkest cities HERE.

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How Does Indiana Compare to the Rest of the Country?

In addition to finding the drunkest cities in each state, another study was done to determine the drunkest states in America. Two-thirds of the Tri-State should be pretty proud of those results - the other one might not want to brag about it. Here are the results for Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

  • Indiana is the 36th drunkest state.
  • Kentucky is the 33rd drunkest state.
  • Illinois is the 9th drunkest state. Yikes!

See how the rest of the country was ranked HERE.

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