Pumpkins are being purchased and getting carved into Jack-o'-Lanterns all over the place. It's a Fall family tradition for a lot of people, including my family.

Fall Homecoming

We went back home to my hometown, over the weekend, and tried to cram all of our fun Fall pastimes into a couple of days. Let's just say I'm utterly exhausted. We went to the Parke Country Covered Bridge Festival and walked about 20 miles looking at the hundreds of booths filled with food and art. We also bought pumpkins for carving. It's an unofficial competition in our family. No trophies or money is awarded, just bragging rights

Pumpkin Carving Teams

My granddaughter and husband decided they were on a team. According to them, the winning team. What do YOU think?

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

Looks good! I love the extra touch of spooky paint. Now, I know you can't see the others, ut you will just have to trust me that there's was the best. ;-)

Pumpkin Carving Is Yucky

Before they got the finished product pictured above, there was quite a bit of this face going on.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

The guts and seeds of the pumpkin are so slimy and gross, you can't help but make that face. And, it takes forever to get the inside cleaned out.

What if there was a better way of getting the guts of the pumpkin out of the inside? Just so happens, there is.

 Brilliant Pumpkin Carving Hack

Thanks to social media, we now know a way to hollow them out a lot faster than how we were doing it. If only we would have known about this trick then. It just takes a blender attachment and a power drill.

  1. You will need a mixer or egg beater blender attachment.
  2. Put it in a power drill like a drill bit and turn on the drill.
  3. The blender attachment will scrape down the inside of your pumpkin super fast.
  4. When you finish, turn the pumpkin over, and watch everything fall right out.

I might carve another pumpkin just because I found such a cool and quick way to clean it out.

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