It feels like any day could be April Fools' Day on the internet, doesn't it? But last Saturday really was April Fools' Day and some local businesses decided to have a little fun with the fools' holiday.

Franklin Street Business Expanding - April Fools

Damsel Brew Pub's April Fools' day post had me thinking it was real for about a minute. They announced plans to expand into the building next door, which happens to be for sale. They even had a super idea for the name of their expansion; Bloke’s Winery & Hard Cider Cellar, & Papaw’s Distillery. On Sunday, their post reflected the joke, but the property next door is still for sale.

It was a dark and stormy night, but we were able to reach an agreement to purchase the building next door. At almost 10k square feet, this will allow us to triple our space and offerings to Evansville. There is still lots of construction and legal hoops to jump through, we just couldn’t contain the excitement of announcing the future home of Bloke’s Winery & Hard Cider Cellar, & Papaw’s Distillery. Welcome to Evansville’s craft beverage destination.

Holiday World Changes Names of Attractions - April Fools


Our friends at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari could not resist celebrating the holiday of trickery. Their April Fools' joke fooled even some people that should know better. Bobby G. I'm looking at you! Did you really think they would rename Splashin' Safari to The Toilet Bowl?

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Filming at Penny Lane Coffeehouse - April Fools

Jerry Seinfeld has a series on Netflix called Comedians in Cars Getting CoffeePenny Lane Coffeehouse seems like a legitimate place for Seinfeld to meet Johnny Depp. I mean, he's from Owensboro, Kentucky, and we know that he comes back to visit. But alas, this was posted on April 1, and while it would be awesome, Johnny Depp is not coming to Evansville for an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

"Worlds, Galaxies, And Universes: Live Action At The Walt Disney Studios" Presentation At Disney's D23 EXPO 2015
Getty Images for Disney
We're excited to announce we'll be in an upcoming episode of the 12th season of the Netflix series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Jerry Seinfeld will be interviewing Owensboro's Johnny Depp here!!!!!!!!! We'll be closed Thursday, April 27th from 9am-1pm for filming. The production company has asked for 12 extras, if you'd like to be one of them just comment and let us know!

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