You keep looking at that corner of the living room wondering what to put there. You have a dresser in the guest room that needs SOMETHING, but you're not sure what. What in the world are you going to do with all those nicknacks you don't want to get rid of? You have to put them SOMEWHERE.

But then again, if you're an ace antique shopper, you won't have any trouble managing ANY of those issues.


Owensboro is flush with excellent antique stores, but maybe you want to expand your boundaries. Maybe you've ALWAYS wanted to take an "antique vacation" or maybe just an "antique STAYcation." MAYBE, this summer is the summer you'll do it. Kentucky has a lot to offer if that's your game...the antique mall in Sturgis is a good example.

You could ABSOLUTELY do a lot worse than visiting Cave City. There's so much to do there AND you can go antiquing to your heart's content.

What about Hopkinsville? In fact, these guys RECOMMEND a summertime visit.


What Sturgis and Cave City have in common is that they are both represented on the Kentucky Antique Trail, which features 51 stops from the Purchase area all the way up to Salt Lick, halfway between Lexington and Ashland. The Hopkinsville store is NOT on the trail map, but I don't know why. It looks like a treasure trove. So does Bright's Antique World in Franklin, which IS on the trail.

I love antiques, but sometimes I'll find something I really like and DON'T have a place for them. An expert antique enthusiast would probably tell me, "You MAKE space for it." And they would probably be right. I do have an old table that, I believe, belonged to my great-grandmother. And I have my Uncle Charlie's old quilt that weighs a ton that he made all by himself, which blows me away.


I'm going to "save my work" because I want to keep all of these locations in mind for a getaway of my own. Of COURSE, I would start here in Owensboro, and then I'd probably venture south to Greenville.

Up next would be a trip to Bowling Green, one of my favorite cities, and not even because of all the antiquing to be done there. But I could do a lot; you could, too. Just look:

Now we HAVE visited Flea Land and it is HUGE. Those vendors leave no stone unturned, offering up a wide variety of collectibles for just about EVERY type of collector.

Have I tempted you enough? Are you creating a special savings account JUST for purchases on your Antique Weekend this summer?

Then, you're welcome.

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