It is pageant season all over the Bluegrass State and we are super excited to share one of Owensboro's newest pageant winners representing the whole State of Kentucky.


Angel here and it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Meghan Schwartz of Owensboro.  She was crowned in March.  I am proud to say she was a student of mine when I worked for OPS in the early 2000s.  Meghan is also a former BKR Boot Camp Member of Team Chad and a faithful listener to the station.  She works full-time for a law firm here in Owensboro, has her own personal blog website,  loves photography, and is a momma to Jack-Jack the terrier who has his own Instagram page.

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I had the opportunity to ask Meghan all about the pageant details of Miss Voluptuous and here's what she had to say:

The Miss Voluptuous International Pageant is a plus-size pageant system, that isn’t looking for someone to model their crown. Their contestants are so much more than beautiful face. We have passion for making a difference, we are willing to work hard, and we are determined to be heard. The pageant has been exclusively in the United Kingdom until this year. The pageant expanded to the United States this year, So I am the first Miss Voluptuous Kentucky. Contestants have been picked all across the world and will compete at the Miss Voluptuous International Grand Finale in Nashville in the last week of October.


Everyone has a reason they decide to chase their dream and I like to call it the "WHY".  Here is Meghan's:

I personally decided to be a part of this pageant system because I am a confident plus-size woman. I have curves and I truly love myself. I love the glitter and glam and I have to sparkle always. If I am not being a little bit extra, something is wrong. I want to encourage other plus-size women to also be confident and love and appreciate their selves and their bodies. Beauty is not defined by size. Your size does not mean you are unhealthy, it does not mean you are disabled, and it does not mean you should be treated any differently than people that are shaped differently than you. As a plus-size woman, I have been made fun of. I have been bullied. I have been told I was disgusting. I was told I was ugly. But all of those terrible things we untrue. Society is so set on what television and what celebrities look like that plus-size people are often judged. I love my body. I worked hard for the body I have. I eat healthily, I work out, I take care of myself. I do not have limitations because of my size. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.



In most pageants, each contestant is required to have a platform.  This means something they will advocate for or seek to serve during their reign as queen.  Meghan chose something very near and dear to her personally:

I chose polycystic ovarian syndrome. I proudly wear teal for myself. I have had this syndrome since I hit puberty, but I did not get educated about this syndrome until I was an adult. Women with PCOS suffer from so many life-altering symptoms. It is a daily struggle for many of us with PCOS. There is no cure. We can take medication to suppress the symptoms, but a lot of time the medication makes us sick or causes other problems to arise. A lot of women would rather learn how to suffer from their symptoms. PCOS is a hormonal disorder. We suffer from menstrual irregularity, excess hair growth, fatigue, anxiety, acne, obesity, infertility, we are at higher risk to have diabetes and high cholesterol, and we are at a higher risk to get ovarian cancer. The world needs to be more educated about PCOS and more awareness about PCOS needs to be made. So many women suffer from PCOS and don’t know it, but suffer from the symptoms.


Meghan will take her crown to Nashville in October to compete in the Miss Voluptuous International pageant.

I am so blessed to be a part of the Miss Voluptuous sisterhood and the Miss Voluptuous pageant system. I absolutely cannot wait to meet the women I have built relationships with in October. We will spend a week in Nashville together. We have so much planned for us! We get to enjoy sightseeing, photoshoots, parties, and nights on the town. Over the next few month’s I will prepare for the Grand Finale, make appearances, continue to volunteer, and represent Kentucky as Miss Voluptuous Kentucky.

We want to wish Meghan the best of luck in October.  We know she is already a winner to us.

Meet Meghan of

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