I think one of the best parts of being a grown up in this day and age is the ability to e-file my tax returns. The process of checking boxes online and answering questions can be a little time-consuming, but when it's done, it's done. I just sit back and I wait on my refund. It turns out we'll all have to wait on our state returns and refunds for a little bit.

According to the Kentucky Department of Revenue, fraudulently filed tax returns through Turbo Tax here and in other states is causing agencies to put a temporary hold on processing all electronic returns. Great!

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Just a week ago, the IRS had to shut down all e-filing due to computer problems. Luckily, I e-filed just a few days before the crash. Now the question is, should you be discouraged from e-filing? Both systems are still working, it's just the Kentucky refunds may take closer to two weeks to process rather than the 7-10 days, which isn't much of a difference.

The IRS estimates 80 percent of returns will be filed electronically this year. Many scams are circulating where caller ID numbers altered to make it appear the IRS is calling.

If you believe you have been the victim of tax fraud, Intuit (Turbo Tax) has a dedicated call center for customers, 800-944-8596. In Kentucky, the Department of Revenue Taxpayer Assistance line is 502-664-4581.