Disgruntled postal worker…or just lazy? Regardless of this mail carriers poor attitude and questionable work ethic, a Kentucky family would like their packages to start being handled with care…not tossed out of a vehicle like garbage.

Tarry Smith says he was shocked to see surveillance footage of his mailman throwing parcels, including one containing a $400 Kindle Fire, onto the driveway rather than walking them to the door.

"The cameras are to catch criminals, not postmen," said Smith during an interview with ABC News. "To throw packages out of your vehicle catapult style is a little shocking. I mean even if they don't ring the door bell, what's the harm in walking 4 or 5 more steps?"

Interestingly, Smith says when he filed a complaint with the USPS, they acted like the issue was nothing to be concerned about. So, his wife posted the video on Facebook and let the social media work its magic.

Shortly thereafter, a representative from the USPS issued a statement regarding the video, claiming: "It is very disappointing and does not represent the kind of service we strive to provide our customers… This matter is currently being investigated to determine the appropriate actions taken with regards to the employee and our customer.”

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