Last Fall Owensboro Recovery Non-Profit Friends of Sinners announced God had answered their prayers and they were getting a new place to call home.  Now they need your help.


Friends of Sinners is a Christ-centered residential substance recovery program focusing on the restoration and reconciliation of men and women to Christ through biblical truths, accountability, and life skills.  The organization began in 2009 and continues to thrive today.


They have been in an older group of facilities on Clay Street since the beginning and God is providing more than they could have prayed for.  Here's what Joe Welsh had to say about the journey:

Friends of Sinners purchased the old Arc of Owensboro building at 731 Jackson Street The biggest part of the move is that it will allow us to do more events and offer more services for our clients such as our new counseling service and the opportunity to have church services on property and a long list of other things we need to offer our clients that our current facilities just don’t afford us the opportunity to do. We are not looking to add more beds although we may add a few the goal is to offer our current clients a better service and more opportunities while they are with us, we have grown and have been offered so much favor in our Community in the last 12 years that we feel it is our responsibility to offer a better experience and service to our clients and our new men’s facility is the first step in achieving so much more for our clients and the organization. 



Being a non-profit FOS depends on the generous donations of those in and around our community.  A few years ago they started Gideon's 300:  Less Is More Project where they asked 300 in the community to step up and be a part of their mission by donating.

If you're not familiar with the story of Gideon in the bible here's the short version;

The story of Gideon's Army in the bible tells of the Lord saying to Gideon he will provide victory over the Midianite's army (thousands of men) with just 300 chosen men.  The men were successful and defeated the large army!  This story ignited a fundraising fire inside, Joe Welsh, director of Friends of Sinners that has had a ripple effect and brought fruition to the ministry.


FOS is offering one last push for support to the Less Is More Project and they're doing it in a really fun way.

If you're able to stop by today and support FOS we know they will certainly appreciate it.  The event will actually be from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Friends of Sinners Getting New Home

Friends of Sinners has been located in downtown Owensboro on Clay Street since its beginning. Their prayers have been answered and soon they'll call a brand-new location home.

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