Here's some important information for deer hunters who go outside of the state and then bring back their kills. 

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced immediate restrictions on deer and elk harvested in Tennessee due to the spread of chronic wasting disease or CWD. If the brain and spinal column have been removed from the deer, hunters can cross state lines with the animal.

A preliminary detection of CWD was found in a 10-point whitetail deer recently in Tennessee. The disease is infectious and neurological and it invariably leads to death.

There is no known treatment or vaccine and it has been found in over two dozen states and three Canadian provinces.

Deer parts that are allowed under this new restriction include quarters or other portions of meat with no part of the spinal column or head attached, boned-out meat, antlers, antlers attached to a clean skull plate, a clean skull, clean teeth, hides and finished taxidermy works.

There is no evidence CWD is transmissible to humans or livestock.

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