A group of teens right here in the bluegrass are celebrating some major success after inventing their own clothing brand in their mom's basement.

Imagine being a senior in high school and deciding you want to start a clothing line.  You have little to no money but what you do have is social media which gives you access to lots of listening ears and all eyes on you.

Ryan Sullivan the co-founder of Unxpected clothing was a senior at Henry Clay High School, in Lexington and just like many seniors had a class project.

Here's what happened according to Unxpected.com;

Unxpectd wasn't supposed to become a full-time job, especially not for six childhood best friends. However, a high school senior project turned into a reality and allowed the six of us to put college to the side to pursue our dreams. Founded by Ryan Sullivan, the school project received criticism and backlash from its founding, but with the help of Dylan Holder and Finley Williams, it became more than a school project.

At its start, blank garments were purchased at local stores and altered in various ways, ranging from dye to reconstruction to embroidery, all done by hand in Mom's Basement. As senior year continued, the brand was taken to TikTok. In December of 2020, Unxpectd had its first viral TikTok, reaching over 600,000 views. Over the course of a few months, Unxpectd attracted attention from millions across the platform.


@unxpectdLike for a free hoodie, ignore to put down our dreams #fyp #foryou♬ ROXANNE - Arizona Zervas

The crew from Unxpected is still going strong two years later and their business has seen great success.  If you would like to support or purchase some of the "Unxpected" gear check it out right here.

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