A while back, I put together a list of 10 Indiana towns with names that you might consider strange, unusual, odd, weird, or whatever similar adjective you want to use to describe names like Gnaw Bone and Toad Hop. Knowing that Indiana isn't the only state in the country that has towns (usually small) with these types of names, I thought I'd branch out a bit and see what hidden name gems our friends to the south in Kentucky have hiding among rural parts of the state. And, wow, the Commonwealth didn't disappoint.

My original plan was to stick with 10 like I did for Indiana, but as I looked through the list of unincorporated town names on Wikipedia, there were so many that made me laugh, or say, "why?" that I nearly had 10 within the first few letters of the alphabet. So I kept scrolling, and kept adding to my list, then whittled it down to my favorite 20.

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Believe me, there are way more than 20, as you can see on the Wikipedia list, but these to me are the cream of the crop.

Side note: There are a lot, and I mean, A LOT of towns in Kentucky with "Lick" in the name. A few of them made this list, but I could have, and may still, make a separate list of just those towns because the visuals the names create in my head makes me chuckle. Anyway, on to the list!

[Source: Wikipedia - Category:Unincorporated communities in Kentucky]

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