When it comes to swimming, I've discovered that there are two schools of thought within my circle of friends.

And since fish swim in schools, no pun intended.

But those two schools of thought revolved around swimming pools and lakes. I have friends who will not swim in a lake and I have friends who will not swim in a swimming pool. Me? I'm right smack dab in the middle. In the same way that I support both UK and U of L, I like 'em both. I just like to swim.

But if pressed, I might actually pick lakes over pools. That has a lot to do with swimming at Miller Lake, Windy Hollow Lake, Fish & Game, and Trailaway Lake when I was a kid. Those are just here in Daviess County. Out west, we spent a LOT of time swimming at one of the most amazing lakes anywhere--Lake Roberts in tiny Mimbres, New Mexico.

But if you're looking to branch out for a little swimming action outside the borders of Daviess County, then look no further than the suggestions made by Kentucky Tourism. They have identified the five best swimming holes in the Commonwealth and who could argue?

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Kentucky has a lot of beautiful lakes and public swimming season is about to begin, so grab some swim gear, pool noodles, and whatever floaties you have handy and head down to Land Between the Lakes and Moss Creek. That seems to be the most popular location within this particular national recreation area. There are plenty of picnic tables and grills and, of course, lots of inviting water.

Or maybe you'll head to "The Quarry," one of the most fascinating swimming spots in all of Kentucky. My friend Trace took me there several years ago. It's about a half-hour drive northeast of Louisville. And talk about clean, clear water. The only water IN this swimming hole is rainwater.

You might also want to investigate Ratliff Hole at Breaks Interstate Park way over by the Virginia state line, Gabe's Branch, or Clifty Creek at Lake Cumberland in Jamestown.

Or maybe you have your own secret place, which is way more fun.

Happy summer and stay safe.

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