A lot of strange topics can sneak into hallway conversations here at our office. We're a unique group in that nothing is really off-limits. Well, a few things are but the list is short. There should be no surprise in what questions you might hear down the hall when there is either a general conversation or a brainstorming session.

With Independence Day weekend approaching, the "what are you doing this weekend" conversation was rampant throughout the offices. The primary responses involved hanging out with whoever with an adult beverage in hand. Also, being in, on, or near water was a close second. This is where things to a deep dive into pool etiquette.


A coworker of mine has a pool and I wanted to know if they were having a pool party. (I asked because I wanted to be able to crash it, to be clear.) She wasn't very direct with her answer but, being who I am, I took it a step further. I asked if she was concerned about how many people were peeing in her pool when they had guests. Her response was something about how everyone probably pees in it. This is why I question the cleanliness of peoples' pools.

She added, "we shock it that night or the next day." I still cringed but I was curious about whether or not that fixed the pee problem so I did some research. This might be helpful for new pool owners.

Swimming pool service and chemicals and pool background
  1. Chlorine does not eliminate "number 1" from your pool.
  2. The only thing that can get rid of pee in the pool is pool shock.

In The Swim confirmed chlorine is simply not going to get rid of the wiz.

For pools that have hosted a party for a dozen or more swimmers, or if a pool becomes contaminated with urine, feces or vomit, a strong shocking is in order.

I have to ask this; is it ever acceptable to pee in pools? If you, when is it ok?

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