A graveyard is one of my favorite places to be. I know that sounds odd and weird, but it's true. There is a peacefulness that you can't find anywhere else. I know, that sounds super creepy, too. Let me explain.

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Why are cemeteries relaxing?

For me, a cemetery shuts out everything else. It shuts down all of the feelings, emotions and noise that I tend to absorb in crowded public places. I love being around people but to find true peace and quiet, a cemetery is perfect. I especially love going for a walk in a cemetery.

Someone on Quora.com explains the peaceful and relaxing feeling like this,

  1. You are not afraid of death - many people are scared to go alone to a cemetery and they are also scared to think about their own death which is inevitable;
  2. You are more introvert than extrovert - too much people and noise may exhaust you. For you the bigger world is inside.
  3. You like nature - this is in case that cemeteries that you feel peaceful are among nature and there are lot of grass and trees and other plants which also bring relax.

- Desislava Mitova lives in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In graveyards there are things around you that you can't see, but you can feel them. It might be a simply a feeling, a quick shadow, a chill, or noise. Some of the things can't be explained. If you're open to the paranormal, you will see things. If you aren't, you might not.

When you find things that are hard to explain

One of my family members posted a photo in our family Facebook group. It was a photo of a family headstone that someone ad taken in1972. She found the photo amongst her mother's, my husband's grandmother's, things. The headstone marks the grave of her great-great-great-grandmother and it's located in a small family cemetery on top of a hill in Daviess County, KY. The entire cemetery is hidden in the woods and you have to hike to get to it.

What is a family cemetery?

According to joincake.com,

...a family cemetery is defined as a plot of land “that is not associated with a specific religious organization but that is the site of burial for persons related by blood, marriage, or household.” As the term states, it is usually owned and run by a member of the same family.

Two faces on the tombstone

In the photo, she saw images of two faces on the front of the headstone. Faces that obviously weren't a  part of the original headstone. It like they had been burned into the stone over time. When you see them in the photo, you see them, they jump out at you, and they're very creepy. The two faces look like their mouths are open and they seem to be screaming. 

The headstone is so old it's fallen over and broken, appearing to be upside down, too. That's makes the headstone even creepier. But, it IS a family headstone, so it's not creepy at all, right? It's still kinda creepy. Upside down, broken, weird faces and all.

Could the photo had been altered? 

Keep in mind, the photo was taken back in 1972 when there was no such thing as photoshop or filter apps of any kind. It's really pretty unbelievable. She showed the photo to many family and friends and some people saw many faces in the photo.

I see two faces, do you?


If you come across photos that have something unexplainable in them, send them to me, HERE.


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