Have you heard the saying "If you didn't find a hustle during the pandemic, you'll probably never have one"?  One Owensboro woman did and she's making a career out of it.


Morgan Loyd is originally from Owensboro (born and raised).  She had always lived here until she got married and her husband joined the military and found out he was going to be stationed all the way over in Oahu, Hawaii at the beginning of 2020.  She got there right when the pandemic was taking off and everything was shutting down. She didn't have a job and knew she needed to do something to pass the time.


She was scrolling through Pinterest and saw earrings that were made of clay.  She thought they were really neat and thought "Make Your Own Earrings?" and wanted to know more.  She did lots of research on how to make them, what supplies were needed and then got online and placed her first order.  That was the beginning to some major artistic creativity.


Morgan says;

At first, it started out as a hobby to keep me busy during quarantine and as an outlet for myself. Moving to leave your friends and family over 4,000 miles away can be such a shock. I’m thankful that working with clay can be very therapeutic and relaxing.



Angel here and momma used to tell me "Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life."  Morgan says she is now a workaholic but doesn't mind at all because she absolutely loves making earrings.

Here's what she loves most;

Probably one of my favorite parts of making earrings would have to be color mixing and creating the actual earrings! All the colors I use are completely hand-mixed, just to get that perfect shade and look that I’m going for. The variety of designs are endless! I’m always pairing different shapes and textures together to see what I can come up with next!

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After learning she could mold and make the earrings and mix the colors she wanted to cover all her bases.  Morgan started media pages, just to get herself and her name out there.  She applied for her business license and created her own website.  She told me that never in a million years would she have dreamed she'd be shipping her items all over the world.  She's shipped to 37 out of the 50 states so far, along with Guam and Canada.


If you'd like to keep up with Morgan and her jewelry making you can follow along with her Facebook and Instagram pages.  She posts behind the scenes of her launches and collections.  You can also take a look and order your own earrings at her website.

I have already placed my order for several adorable pairs and I am patiently waiting for the Valentine Terrazzo drop EKKKK!

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Have you heard the saying "If you didn't find a hustle during the pandemic, you'll probably never have one"? One Owensboro woman did and she's making a career out of it sending her jewelry all over the world.

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