Now when I think "retirement" I think of maybe moving to Florida, or Arizona, or maybe just finding a nice cabin retreat right here in my home state. Hold up! Kentucky may not be the place to retire according to research. 

The gurus at WalletHub have released their best and worst states to retire in lists and the Bluegrass State finished dead (no pun intended) last.

Here are the questions the experts considered when assembling the study:

  1. What is the most common mistake that retirees make when choosing where to live?
  2. What are some tips for living on a fixed income in retirement?
  3. What are the top factors retirees should consider when choosing a state for retirement?
  4. Should states work to attract retirees? What are the pros and cons to having a large retiree population?
  5. Should retirees be exempt from certain state and local taxes?
  6. How might changes to the tax code influence retirement security?


Kentucky scored on the low end in the categories of quality of life, health care, and surprisingly, affordability.

The best state to retire in? See above, Florida.

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