I have a King's Island story that does not involve me. You see, I've never been there. But my sister has. And she still has a souvenir from her trip.

The souvenir is a single penny. And she still has it taped to a scrapbook page alongside other mementos from other church excursions.

She took $20 to King's Island in 1975 and had one penny left over. You can't get through the gate for $20 these days. Not even close.

You certainly will need way more than a picture of Andrew Jackson if you stay at the new luxury resort King's Island is constructing and planning to open next spring.

Camp Cedar will be located about one mile north of the main park and if the room in the picture on the website's front page is any indication, they're going for a rustic vibe.

Yes, I know it says the picture might not totally reflect what the rooms will actually look like, but they had me at that big sliding barn door. That design should be a keeper.

This idea is long overdue. Sure there are plenty of hotels in Mason, Ohio near King's Island and it IS in the Cincinnati metro. But a resort on the property is just the way to go.

On the Camp Cedar website's trending bar, make sure you click on "Stay" and check out all the beautiful cottages they'll offer. They're incredible.

That aerial graphic kind of makes me think that I could stay there and totally forego the park itself. Seriously, don't you think, after giving the site a good once-over, that it could stand alone somewhere?

King's Island is clearly ready to expand and next spring, that's exactly what's happening.

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