-from Keith Todd, Public Information Officer, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District One & Two

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Union County Crew has two trucks out salting bridges, overpasses, as well as other potential trouble spots.  One truck has salted the KY 56 Ohio River “Shawneetown” Bridge.  Eleveated areas in Union County such as bridges and overpasses have developed slushy spots creating hazardous driving in localized areas.

All other crews are on alert and/or patrolling as snow accumulates in some localized areas around the district.

Highway pavement temperatures have been holding just above the freezing mark at most location with the ambient air temperature around 33 degrees fahrenheit.

KYTC District 2 includes Christian, Muhlenberg, Ohio, Hancock, Daviess, Henderson, McLean, Hopkins, Caldwell, Webster, and Union Counties.

The Snow & Ice Teams for Districts 1 and 2 will continue closely monitoring the forecast for this event and adjust strategy if temperature, precipitation or accumulation estimates should change significantly.

Timely traffic advisories for the 11 counties of KYTC Highway District 2 are available by going to www.facebook.com/kytcdistrict2. You do not have to be a Facebook member to access this page.

Navigate traffic with KYTC at goky.ky.gov or with WAZE at waze.com or with the WAZE App.



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