Thankfully, most local schools are already out today for high numbers of illness because the weather has made driving conditions dangerous this morning. The Kentucky Transportation Dept issued this warning to motorists:

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet snowfighters are out in full force this morning. Crews from all 11 counties in District 2 are treating and plowing highways within each county. Pretreatment of the roads was addressed yesterday, but cold temperatures and moisture on the roads, especially in elevated areas, are creating slick conditions. Motorists are strongly encouraged to reduce their speed on their morning commute, especially when approaching off-ramps, intersections and bridges.

During snow and ice events, crews operate using snow and ice priority route maps for maximum efficiency of materials and equipment. Interstates and parkways will be addressed first due to the volume of traffic traveling on those routes. Maintain a safe distance from snow plows and other heavy highway equipment and do not pass snowplows on the shoulder.

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