In the tri-state area, Lake Malone is a no-brainer as a go-to location for swimming, recreation, boating, picnicking, or just vegging out.

But I feel that it kind of has a low profile when compared to Kentucky's other lakes. As far as I'm concerned, though, it stacks right up with the rest of them. And I am a LITTLE biased since that was one of MY FAMILY'S  go-to spots for all of those activities I mentioned earlier.

And the Muhlenberg County Tourism Commission is very proud of it, too, and continues to upgrade the popular recreational area. For example, Lake Malone has already announced the addition of a new attraction called "Big Twigs."

And now the commission has COMMISSIONED a beautiful mural by local artist Jacob Abbott. The butterfly mural is a terrific aesthetic addition to the park as well as a pretty cool photo op.

Here's more from the commission:


A far cry from off the beaten path, Lake Malone is a very popular target destination for boaters. It's the top choice for some friends of mine when they want to hit the water.

But hikers will ALSO hit the jackpot as Lake Malone features the Laurel Trail and the Twisted Tree Trail, both of which are two miles long, and the quarter-mile-long Wildflower Trail.

Lake Malone just keeps getting better and better. And, by the way, the choice of BUTTERFLIES as the subject for the mural is very appropriate, in my opinion, since I have discovered no shortage of beautiful insects in Muhlenberg County, some of which can be found right here:

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