My friend Shelley Hawkins summed up the taboo about lice pretty effectively a couple of days ago on social media.  She said, "I know most people don’t talk about lice. They think it’s disgusting.  It is.  And that it’s because you’re dirty, etc.  But it’s just part of life. And we dealt with it this week."  But, because Shelley was forced to deal with it, she discovered something that could potentially help all kinds of parents and kids here in the tristate.

But, first.  Let's talk about lice, shall we?

I remember being in the 2nd grade at Thruston Elementary School and being told that we were going to be checked for lice during class.  I'll be honest.  I am not sure any of us even understood what that meant.  I mean, I'm not sure I even knew what lice were.  I just knew they apparently lived on your head and that it sounded gross and I didn't want them.

I seriously will never forget this.  We were sitting in Mrs. Hassan's class, but a couple of other teachers from different grades and classrooms came into the room and started going around the room and examining our scalps.  They were armed with nothing more than #2 lead pencils and they used the tip of those pencils to gently pick through our hair to see if we had any signs of lice.

I only really remember two things about that process.  I remember thinking that the pencil felt pretty good scraping through my head and I didn't really want Mrs. Jones to stop.  LOL.  And, I also remember how we deduced which of our classmates were indeed infected.

See, we were smarter than our teachers gave us credit for.  While they tried to be discreet in how they communicated which students actually had lice, we pretty quickly figured out their method.  Later that day, several students in Mrs. Hassan's class were given white envelopes they were supposed to take home to their parents.  We figured out those envelopes had letters in them informing the parents that there were bugs crawling around in their kids' heads.

I can honestly say that I have never had lice.  But I know a lot of kids who did and do.  Because I never had it, I have never had to go through the process of getting rid of.  Thankfully!  That said, I have heard about how rigorous that ordeal is from parents of kids who've had it.  The shampooing.  The laundry.  More shampooing.  More laundry.

Well, there's good news.  My friend Shelley just shared some news that will delight anyone who's ever had to wage war against lice.  There's a lice clinic in Evansville and, according to Shelley, it's "AMAZING!"

The Lice Clinics of America- Evansville is located at 125 North Weinbach Avenue, Suite 810.  Services are by appointment only, but Shelley says that in some cases they can work you in same day.

Shelley recently had to take her kids, Leighton and Braelyn, for treatment and that treatment was relatively quick and comprehensive.  Shelley broke down the process so I could share it with you.

"She checks your hair for eggs (nits) and/or bugs for $10."  If either is discovered, you'll be treated.  "She uses this vacuum machine to heat/burn the eggs and bugs, then she puts an oil treatment on your hair and covers it in plastic."  That treatment is eventually washed out at home simply buy using Dawn dish liquid.  Shelley says the visit to the Lice Clinics of America- Evansville was a lifesaver.

She admits that it "takes all the stress out for parents" and the whole process was done in about an hour.  She says, it "saves so many hours and tears (from me and them)!"

Here's Shelley talking about her recent experience.

To learn more about the Lice Clinics of America- Evansville, CLICK HERE!  And, check out the video explaining how their guaranteed process works.

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