I'm gonna level with you. I'm growing a little weary of certain aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic's inevitable affect on our lives.

While maintaining safe social distance, washing my hands frequently, and wearing a mask in public places are no-brainers for me, I can admit to wishing for that day when it levels off.

I can't be alone in this line of thinking, right?

But one of the "new normal" results of staying #HealthyAtHome that I've enjoyed are the in-home concerts from our favorite musicians.

And I believe the One World: Together at Home concert brought home how big an impact something like this can be.

This hits me where I live, because most of it is acoustic music. And THAT is right up my wheelhouse.

So it is very pleasing that Live Nation is offering "Live from Home" performances from musical artists that span the spectrum.

We've all come a long way in our musical tastes. I'm old enough to remember a time when country music fans ONLY liked country music. Rock fans, pop fans, rap/hip-hop fans...same thing.

But now, everyone's musical interests run a huge gamut. Nowadays, it's nothing for someone to have Kendrick Lamar, Avenged Sevenfold, and Luke Bryan on the same playlist.

That's what makes Live Nation so perfect. It looks like a playlist I'd have, in terms of variety.

The line-up today alone includes country superstar Luke Combs, legendary metal band Megadeth (in sound check as I write), and pop/r&b superstar Janelle Monae, among SO many others.

No shortage of whatever type of music you like.

See? I can handle THIS anytime they want to give it to me. I mean, seriously...a metal band like Megadeth from HOME?

Bring it.

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