Governor Andy Beshear returned to the podium Monday afternoon to relay the latest news regarding a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

While Beshear stopped short of re-issuing any kind of mandates, it was Dr. Steven Stack whose words were a bit stronger about the numbers that he and other medical experts are seeing in the Bluegrass State.

The most recent map displaying the COVID-19 current incidence rate shows 15 counties back in the critical or RED zone. That means there are more than 25 people per 100,000 who have tested positive for the virus. Six of those 15 counties are right here in the tri-state.

And while the governor DID NOT issue any mandates in his latest address, he did issue a list of new recommendations for those counties in the "red zone."

And with kids about to return to school within the next few weeks, here are specific recommendations for K-12:

Governor Andy Beshear via Facebook

If you have not been vaccinated and would like to get a vaccination, there is a number of locations in Daviess County. But, really, you can search "vaccination locations (insert county name here)" and you'll find out where you can go.

Here is Governor Andy Beshear's full address from Monday afternoon, July 26, 2021:

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