Cell phones have been around since the early 70's but didn't become popular until the Zach Morris/Saved By The Bell age.  If you watched the show you know that Zach was constantly using his phone for pranks and mischief.  Phones have greatly evolved since those days and some business owners and their customers find them annoying.

Now with multiple functions right at your fingertips from a simple call and text to social media and video games, a person can do just about anything with a touch of a button.  This also allows for cell phone misuse or should I say overuse!

Nowadays it is not uncommon to walk into a business or see a family eating dinner and everyone has their nose in their phone.  People have become totally detached from the real world and have no concept of how to socialize in person.

Local business owner, Lisa Johnson-Miles, has decided she wants better for her customers and business.