A few months ago I noticed that one of our pastors at Pleasant Valley Community Church looked exactly like Luke Bryan.  This was too good not to share with you!

Getty Images/Caleb Potter
Getty Images/Caleb Potter

Meet Caleb Potter.  He is the Bereavement Coordinator at Hospice of Western Kentucky here in Owensboro and also one of the Pastors at PVCC.

I told my husband Joe, I thought Caleb looked like Luke and he said "Oh my gosh he does, you should blog that!"

So I ran into Caleb this week at the Friends of Sinners Banquet and asked him if anyone had ever told him he looked like Luke?  He said "No" but his wife Jessica, said she had a few people tell her they thought he did.

I asked him if he cared if I blogged about it and he said "Sure!  Put me on the map...LOL"  I started scrolling threw his facebook photos and was totally amazed at how much he really does resemble him!

I have a feeling next time Pastor Caleb preaches Pleasant Valley Community Church will have a few more faces in the sanctuary!

Thanks for being a good sport Caleb.  We appreciate you...now my last question "Can you sing?!"

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