The Longest Day of Play was to take place in July but it was just too hot. With the temps hovering over 100 and the heat index over 110 cooler heads prevailed with the decision to reschedule the annual event for October.

You could not have picked a better day with Sunshine and temperatures near 80 Moreland Park was THE place to be Sunday afternoon.

Between 275-300 kids and their parents participated in activities ranging from Volleyball to Jumping Rope. There was croquet, bubbles, an obstacle course, sand dig, basketball, an Owensboro Fire Department truck to explore, free balloon characters, ring toss, and a ton of other activities for kids and their families.

When the kids participated in at least 10 activities their names were placed in a drawing for some great door prizes. What the kids didn't realize was.....the were getting exercise and doing something with their family. Both good things that we never seem to have time to do on our own.

Owensboro Pediatrician Dr. Don Neel and his wife were manning a booth. Dr. Neel who is a former President of the Kentucky Medical Association said it was great to see entire families outside getting exercise and enjoying themselves. "Obesity is the number one problem with our children today and much of that comes not from poor choices in diet but from no activity. Kids sit in front of that big electronic babysitter we call a TV for hours on end eating processed chicken nuggets and french fries and we wonder why they are getting fat", said Dr. Neel. "Today is a small step toward getting the family unit back involved in some type of physical activity and I am 100% for it".

The event Sunday began at 2p.m. ending at 5 p.m. with organisers happy with the turnout. "This event was postponed from July and Fall Break began Friday afternoon with a bunch of families traveling this weekend," said UK. Extension Agent Christy Ramey. "We are very happy to see this many here".

Another organizer, Pam Gillim also with the UK Extension Service was pleased that the hard work of the volunteers paid off. "So many people worked hard to make this happen and now they get to see how their work directly affects these kids and their families. It is really great."

Kathy and I took our two youngest grandkids, Lexie and Chloe to the park and they had a blast. The each won a book at the event. Sunday night, after dinner they sat in my lap as we read about The Pigs that loved Potatoes and Ready, Set, Skip. We did this without television. Come to think of it, nobody even thought about TV. We did get a bit hungry for potatoes and talked about going outside to jump rope tomorrow. I guess the plan of getting us outside for more physical activity worked for the Lowe kids.

Thanks to all that worked so hard to make the day special. Let's do it again real soon.



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