If you bought a lottery ticket at the Ayerco in Bowling Green, Missouri your time is about to run out to claim your prize.

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According to molottery.com, there was a "Show Me Cash" Lottery ticket purchase at the Ayeroc in Bowling Green back in September, and it's worth $116,000. That person has until March 28, 2023, to claim their prize. Now, most likely this is a trucker or someone who was just passing through and bought a ticket, but if this was your time is running out.

info graph/Mo Lottery
info graph/Mo Lottery

Under the Missouri Lottery rules:

Any prize money that is unclaimed 180 days after the draw date of a ticket's last winning play will go to benefit Missouri public education.

The if the money does not get claimed you can be reassured that it will be given to help children in the Missouri Public School system. That's kind of nice knowing that the money isn't just sitting there and waiting. In 2022, over $330 million of unclaimed lottery money was gifted to the Missouri Public School system according to Fox2Now.

Out of the $337 million, $203 million went to the Department of Elementary and Secondary education and $133 million went to higher education. Here is the full list of which counties benefited from the Missouri Lottery in 2022. Locally the Hannibal School District received over $240,000 for the classroom trust program and foundation transportation. Marion Country R-II received over $18,000 for the trust program and foundation transportation, and the Palmyra School District received over $20,000 for the same programs. Canton R-V, Lewis County C-1, and other Missouri area schools have benefited from this program.

So maybe it's a good thing that no one has claimed the lottery yet. The leftover money will go to a great cause.

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