Get excited!  Late last week, Malco Theatres, Inc. announced a brand new offering called #MalcoSelect.  It gives moviegoers the chance to have a private screening for up to 20 guests in a private auditorium.  The theatre chain has already rolled it out to various locations and has plans to eventually roll this out company wide, which means we'll soon have this option available at Malco's Owensboro Cinema Grill & MXT.

Here's the official announcement from the company:

As you can see, #MalcoSelect is now available at the following Malco locations:

Malco Paradiso Cinema Grill & IMAX
Malco Collierville Cinema Grill & MXT
Malco Grandview Cinema & IMAX
Malco Razorback Cinema Grill & IMAX
However, according to Karen Melton with Malco, new locations are being added quickly and, eventually, #MalcoSelect will be offered across the company.
Once the service is available here in Owensboro, reservations can be made online at or the Malco app.  You'll be able to choose from Malco's Five Buck Film Faves (classic movies making a return trip to cinemas) or a new release movie.  Reservations start at just $100.  Of course, film selection (and price) will vary by location and some restrictions will apply.
For more information about Malco Select, CLICK HERE!
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