Lots of people can build a model airplane, but Dan Reeves was looking for a tougher challenge.

The Lower Allen Township, Pennsylvania man removed part of a wall in his home Wednesday to unveil a plane he built by himself in his basement.

Reeves spent the last nine years putting the Vans RV7A together. It arrived in pieces in the mail and eventually turned into more than a labor of love. He said, "It's become much more than a hobby. This is my baby, absolutely."

And while regular planes may have trouble here and there with taking off, Reeves' self-proclaimed "baby" had issues getting out since it was trapped in his basement. After tossing around ideas, he decided to remove his basement wall and liberate the plane like a little girl stuck in a well, while astonished neighbors looked on in awe.

Of course, Reeves will now have to figure out where to keep the plane. We're pretty sure his wife won't appreciate all the space it'll take on the driveway.

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