She reigned as America's sweetheart during the 60's and 70's. Mary Tyler Moore, first as co-star of the Dick Van Dyke Show and then as Mary Richards, the darling of CBS Saturday nights from 1970 - 1976. The show had top ratings and won a bushel basket of Emmys.

The show and its spin-off Rhoda were produced by Mary and her husband, Grant Tinker, as part of their MTM Enterprises.

And, I came in contact with MTM Enterprises when they founded MTM Records, in its day a pretty successful music label. Holly Dunn, Judy Rodman and others had hits on the imprint. It is defunct now.

But, I still possess a souvenir. It's a fleece blanket we have dragged all over the country that comes in handy in the winter.

A moon shot
A moon shot

Here it is: my connection to the birthday gal Mary Tyler Moore. .



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